Branded login screen with image and important details of connected unit

Competitive analysis of the space pointed out the lack of branding and modern features in the current Web UI. Tasked by the CEO, myself and an embedded engineer began exploring possible solutions to the many pain points of the 10+ year old web app. Leveraging the extensive knowledge of the customer support team and key client needs we developed a solution embracing bandwidth and storage limitations with a focus on organization and functionality.

With a complete visual, brand, and structural overhaul the web UI became​​​​​​​:
Quick – minimized static UI content loads resulting in 75-80% reduction in page load times
Easy – streamlined left-side navigation with clear sub-menus
Small – page size reductions and Improved compression (20-30% reduction)
Fast – speed improvements to sensor display (250+ sensors in under 2 seconds)
Custom – in-house lightweight javascript utility library (8KB vs 130KB jQuery library)

EventSensors page showcasing navigation, information hierarchy, and collapsable page elements

Script Editor page showcasing flexibility of layout with a functional script editor in-page

When scrolling down longer pages the header is minimized with important info and functionality still accessible

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